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The ideal age to enter our Montessori Program is 3 – 4 years of age. Your child must be toilet trained although we understand that accidents may occur. We also understand that it may be hard for parents and children to say goodbye when school starts. We are confident in taking your child at this time, rather than lingering at the door or coming into the classroom. We hope that your commitment to the program will give you the confidence to say goodbye. By working together with the teacher, solutions can be found.

What to Expect

When the children enter the Montessori environment they will be doing many things for themselves. They will want to continue to do these things at home as part of the process of becoming more independent. You can help your child by letting them choose their own clothes, dress themselves, pour milk or juice from a small pitcher. Let them conduct other easy household chores that they can do safely. Have child-sized cleaning items readily available and expect them to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves after each activity rather than at the end of the day.

Often children are much more capable than we realize. Set them up for success by taking the time to show them the right way rather than telling them they are doing it wrong. We do not want to rush them, as it will only lead to frustration. We realize that it is often easier and more time efficient to do things for our children although by allowing them the opportunity, it benefits the child and ourselves …eventually! It takes practice for children to build these skills.

The new environment may cause changes in your child’s behavior. The school is always willing to discuss any aspects of your child’s education and well-being. The concept of independence encourages self-discipline in children.





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