Red Deer Montessori School

The purpose of the Red Deer Montessori school is to provide an enriched child-focused elite program based on Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education. We are a privately run preschool that provides the materials and activities that stimulate the child’s natural curiosities and a love of knowledge.

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Red Deer Montessori Preschool Full Day Daycare and Child Care Program

Tough Decisions:

How do you decide as a mom or a dad or as parents the right Daycare home to leave your child? This decision must be rated among the hardest you will ever have to make.

You are handing over your precious love to persons you are hoping will love him/her as much as you do. You are trusting them to be gentle, caring and attentive. All your hope, faith and trust are in these teachers to love and protect your child. It asking a lot, isn’t it?

Separation Anxiety:

Well, it’s the day before the first day of Preschool/Daycare and you are a wreck. Maybe you are having second thoughts about dropping off this little person from whom you have not been separated since you gave birth. This is tough. The bond is so strong, there is nothing like it but, he/she must go to Preschool/Daycare in Red Deer.

The Right Choice:

There is no doubt that as a mom or dad or parents that leaving your child for the first time will impact you emotionally, physically and mentally. However, you can find consolation in the fact that you researched the facility and staff to the degree that you could ensuring the environment is the right one for your child.

Still, there is this thread of reluctance but, you did your homework. Be at peace knowing the place you have chosen for your most precious person is exceptional.

Welcome to Red Deer Montessori Preschool Child Care and Daycare:

Our Red Deer Daycare at the Montessori school is one such facility that allows you the peace of mind knowing you are leaving your child in a safe, loving, nurturing, learning atmosphere with staff who are passionate about the well-being of your child.

Tender, Qualified Staff:

Our teachers are dedicated and attentive to all the needs of our children. They are trained in their various disciplines and possess certificates and are qualified to teach and supervise your child.

You couldn’t ask for anything more if you could observe the interaction between child and teacher especially during work time. They instruct with their speech and their actions are directly from their hearts and this is a treasured quality that sets our Red Deer Child Care apart, the genuineness of our staff in caring for your children.

Parents are welcomed:

Your child is our priority and so are you. A family atmosphere exists here at Red Deer Montessori Preschool/Childcare where not only your child, but you are made to feel welcomed.

Montessori Casa & Bambino Child Care Full Day Programs:

Our mission at Red Deer Montessori Peschool/Daycare is to provide an exceptional experience for your child and family and so, we offer you an elite Preschool Full Day program.

RED DEER MONTESSORI CASA & BAMBINO is the child care for your precious little ones, ages 2-5 years of age and who are potty trained (3-5 years of age). You can drop them off Monday to Friday from 8:45 – 3:45. Please call so that we can give you information on this program which we are certain will enrich your child.

Prepared Class Environment:

Red Deer Montessori Daycare and Montessori Preschool Child Care is a prepared class environment. Children are given group lessons as well as individual lessons thereby, giving them the skills needed to complete their work as an individual as well as, with a partner.

Maria Montessori:

Like Maria Montessori, who dedicated her life’s work to the improvement of the lives of children and realizing that all children could benefit from hands-on approach, combined with concrete didactic materials, so it is, at Red Deer Montessori as we carry on her legacy, striving to improve the lives of all the children who come into our care.

We Give Love Freely:

We believe a child’s inner life is nourished by an environment warm with love, and that is what we offer freely to all who enter through our doors at Red Deer Montessori Preschool, love.

Enrol Your Child:

Parents we invite you to give your precious child the best start and allow them to be a part of this excellent program, specifically designed for children 2-5 years of age.

RED DEER MONTESSORI CASA & BAMBINO Preschool Full Day Daycare Program runs Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. which is guaranteed to enrich and nurture all participants. (And you’re reminded we also offer an Extended Day Daycare which runs 7:30 am to 6 pm.)

Consider enrolling your child. Call to arrange a time to come in and meet us and we will give you additional information regarding RED DEER MONTESSORI .

Call us 403.340.8877, send us an email or connect with us on Facebook.