Parent Info

Parent Info Red Deer Montessori

Goals of this School

The purpose of this school is to provide an enriched child-focused program based on Maria Montessori’s philosophy. We provide the material and activities that stimulate the child’s natural curiosities and love of knowledge. This school is a safe place for children to grow, learn and express themselves in a caring atmosphere.

The teachers work with the children giving individual and small group lessons that pertain to the developmental stages of the children.

Montessori Philosophy

Our school also employs the Whole Child approach which is common to Montessori. Reaching one’s own potential is paramount at our school and we strive for this each day with all of the children. The children enrolled in the program are not pushed to intellectual achievement, rather they are offered the tools with which to discover, explore and experience the excitement of learning. The programs and curriculum are set up in such a fashion to ensure your child grows socially, emotionally and physically all while gaining skills in thinking and preparation for grade school. And what we find is the children achieve better self esteem and they actually look forward to learning because the learning leverages their innate interest and children enjoy learning-it’s a fun process-not a tedious workload.

Montessori’s dynamic theories included such revolutionary premise as:

  • Children are to be respected as different from adults and as unique individuals.
  • Children create themselves through purposeful activity.
  • The years 0-6 are the most important years that children are able to absorb and learn from their environment.

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