Starting School

Starting Montessori School is a new experience for your child. Our class evolves through the year. You can expect your child to be tired by the end of class, or by the end of the week. They are getting used to a new schedule, as well as a new environment, new teachers and new rules. They are getting a lot of information to process in September. If your child is tired after class it does not mean that they are not old enough to come to school. It means they need time to adapt to school. Even as adults starting a new job with new expectations, we need time to adapt to change.

One of the teachers’ most important roles this September is guiding and caring. Once the child has had a lesson, we leave them to do their work independently. We follow through to make sure chairs are tucked in and their work is put away. By continually repeating these gentle reminders now, it eventually becomes second nature to the child. At home parents may want their child to put away their activities before starting something new but due to distractions with other siblings, etc., they may not follow through seeing that it is done. By then another activity is taken out, creating a mess. At school we have to make sure they put their work away immediately so all children can have an orderly learning environments. It is an integral part of a Montessori program.

We have faith in the process! We have experienced it year after year. The classroom comes together as the children become more independent and confident in it. This is true for returning students as well. They go through a period of review at the beginning of the year. They will soon be getting into their academic work.

At school it takes time to bond with each child. There is also a period of testing where the children test to see what rules and limits are. This is a natural process. It is how they learn they are in a safe consistent environment.

We know as parents, you are very curious what your children are learning. In September, we will have a parent information night to keep you informed. It is time to enjoy the adventure and joy of learning!