To say we are pleased with the Montessori experience would be an understatement. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards the teachers of our child’s program as well as the program itself. Within weeks of attending we noticed significant change in our child.  His peer to peer relationships have greatly improved and we have a much more confident self assured boy then when he started.

He has enjoyed every moment of Montessori. He looks forward to going and loves his teachers and classmates. We have often commented how we wish we would have sent our older children to Montessori as the value of this program is immeasurable for any child. We would and do highly recommend Montessori. It is worth every penny and more. The value that you and your child will gain far outweighs any monetary amount that it costs. We will miss being part of the Montessori family as our child moves on, but are eternally grateful for the experience!

Karen Wasylyshen/Peter Johnson

He has become more active and sociable. 

Anna Kim

I have thoroughly enjoyed having our child in Montessori and I really appreciate the structure and routine the children are given. 

Walter and Stephanie McEvoy

Just a big thank you for providing a safe and caring learning environment for my child. Your friendliness, kindness and patience do not go unnoticed! ? 

Tanya Harding

I really value the independence that Montessori fosters and the positive socialization, use of manners and the patience shown. The teachers are very kind and patient.

Heather Richards

My son, Jakob was a student at Grandview from 2006-08. I just wanted to say thank you for providing the vey best in Pre-K education and learning experiences. Jakob now goes to Holy Family and is actually so far ahead of the other students both in confidence and ability. His teacher (and us for that matter) are so pleased. Also, and I know it’s because of the teaching he received at your program, he is now reading at a grade 2-3 level. I don’t know who was more surprised, her or us! He has been placed at an IP program for gifted students and is also very interested in all things math and science related. I know for a fact that the teaching and the structure of Montessori program (as well as the wonderful staff) are directly responsible for helping him to this point. Thanks again

Erin Beierle-Beztilny

The teachers are awesome! ? My child is eager to go to school every morning. Thank you! 

Alex and Beth Boyd

Our child loves her teachers and talks about them a lot. I’ve even been told that sometimes they are much smarter than Mommy. 

Stacey Greig

Our child has improved a lot, especially in the way he speaks.

Darwin and Criselyn

I love the school and the Montessori program. You guys do an amazing job. ? 

Mandy Torrenzio

My child is always excited to go to school and she enjoys interacting with other children more.  She interacts with other children much more than before.


You are doing a wonderful job preparing my son for school. 

Kathy Olsen

We’re very impressed and couldn’t be happier with the Montessori program. 

Field and Chalsey Langevin

We would like to take a minute to thank Mr. Fred and Mrs. Donalyn for providing a multisensory, active learning program that perfectly suited our preschooler, Nathanael.  They progressively taught him the basic skills he needed to develop not only academically but socially and emotionally as well.  Nathanael began this program as a shy, quiet, hesitant young lad. He graduated as a curious conversationalist! We are excited about him now beginning Kindergarten with the confidence and stamina needed to succeed.

The Misener Family

Our son is more active and sociable now. He is more organized with his things at home and he now uses his manners all the time.