Helping your child to grow and succeed.

Finding childcare that is safe and rewarding can be stressful for parents. At Red Deer Montessori we provide a learning-based childcare program that creates a nurturing environment and will set your children up for a successful path in their education.

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Expand your child's education

Just like you, we want your children to gain the necessary skills, both in learning and in life that they require to succeed. In the Montessori program, children guide their own learning versus traditional teacher-centred education.



Give them a head start

At Red Deer Montessori we endeavour to help your child not only grow their love of learning but also gain life skills and a sense of independence. Through the Montessori method of learning, children will have a head start from an early age.

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Child Care Options

We offer a wide range of child care options to fit the needs of your child and your family.

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Handbook & Helpful Hints

We are able to provide you with free information including our handbook, hints and policies.

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Taking Your First Steps with Red Deer Montessori

We want to make sure that our school and the Montessori learning philosophy are the right fit for your child. Our staff are happy to provide any information you need on our centre. We also like to provide you with a tour of our centre to give you a true understanding of what we have to offer for you and your child.

1. Contact Us

Whether you would like more information on Red Deer Montessori, the Montessori teaching method or you would like to arrange a tour, our knowledgeable staff are here to help.

2. On Our Tour

On our tours, we take you through the whole centre and allow you and your child to immerse yourselves in our programs. Our tours give both you and your child a true feel for our school and allow you to see if it is the right fit.

3. Enrol Your Child

When your child is enrolled in our Montessori learning based program they are cared for and nurtured in an environment that will help them grow.

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